An Explanation

There was a time for me when writing was exciting, intoxicating. There were so many stories to discover and tell!  There was a time when I was continually fascinated with the paths in which my own mind was leading me.  This was before I began to spend so much of my time staring down at digital screens, instead of out windows or up at the sky.  For years, I didn’t even own, or want a computer; now the bright screens of phones and tablets seem to consume me. Let’s go back to before that time.

Yes, I appreciate the irony of what I’m writing. But this is the format with the most impact these days. And I still write everything out longhand on nice white paper before I upload it here.

I’ve been a lover of grainy, atmospheric analog photos for years. It took me a long time to even give digital photography a chance. I have really come to miss the warmth and nostalgia that I found with shooting film, the excitement of having to wait for processing and the surprise at seeing what develops there. I also have a pile of at least thirty previously shot rolls that I’ve rounded up from every corner of the house. I will be taking new photos and developing old ones as well as playing with toy cameras, discovering new film, cross processing and even perhaps getting back into the darkroom. Join me as my film and I both evolve.


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